Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Horse Show Recap

I'm sufficently recovered from Stillwater so I'm posting now! The stalls and prizes were nice, and it was nice to go to a horse show close to home. However, the footing was too deep for my liking, and there was virtually no warm up area for my ring, just the grass or a 20m circle of sand and the grass was too hard and slick to be riding in. It was pouring rain on saturday so I didn't even try for pictures, and Sunday my classes we too close together, I didn't even think of handing off my camera to someone. There person who was supposed to go in my Intro A classes scratched so I won those by default, and on Saturday the girl who was supposed to be riding in my B test got bucked off by her pony. My best test was my Intro B, I got a 68.5% and I thought it was a better test than my 70.5%. Someone who was not entered on Saturday got a 73% however, so I was second in that class. The judge on Saturday was really tough, I got a 65% on test A (got the same score on Sunday) and I got a 64% on test B.

Comments Saturday Test A

7's in first three movements "fairly straight; fluid; well balanced"
8 on my trot circle "well balanced"
8 scratched out to 7 medium walk "fluid transition, some rhythm changes" 
6 free walk "needs more stretch down"
5 trot transition "needs more straightness and clarity"
6s on last two movements "falling in, not quite on C line"
7 on gaits and submission
6 on impulsion and riders position


"Lovely pair with potential, overall test could have had a bit more energy for higher scores".

Comments Sunday Test A

7s on first four movements "straight halt; active walk; smooth transition; round circle"
6s on two walk movements "should be move active"
7s on last three movements "smooth transition; round circle; straight halt"
7 on gaits
6 on impulsion, submission, and riders position


"Nice horse; keep your heels down". Ellie in- Heels down comment kind of ticked me off, did he not see the para form?!

Intro Test B Saturday

6 enter halt salute "not quite immobile" 
7 track right at c "fairly smooth"
6 circle "should be rounder 1st half"
7 change rein and medium walk "fairly steady"
5 free walk "needs more energy and stretch"
7s last three movements "steady, more energy; straight, needs more energy; fairly straight"
7s on gaits and submission
6s on impulsion and position

"very nicely presented test, could be more energetically ridden, lots of potential"

Intro Test B Sunday

6 on enter and halt "not straight"
7s on next four movements "round circle; straight; smooth transition"
6 on free walk "should stretch more foreword"
7s on last three movements "round circle; straight; straight and halt"
7s on all collective marks

"nice test"

I'm glad I survived! looking at the test and seeing the progression, I think I fixed a lot of things I needed to. Next show, on to training level! 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the details - it does look like good progress and a clear road map for what to work on. You got some useful comments from the judges. You and your handsome horse persevered despite the weather and the inadequate warm-up space.