Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trainer Ride


Jump (He is actually a much better jumper than this, I am just a bad photographer)


"Hi Mom, got any food?"

I thought I would attempt to post some pictures from today's trainer ride. Since we started leasing Werther I have not jumped him except for a few small trotting fences. The main reason for this was since we retired my horse Wesley it took a very long time to find a horse for me to ride consistently (not to mention senior year of college hell). So I was very much out of riding shape and needed some time doing flat work before I was ready to start jumping again. Werther also needed a break, he was on a very rigorous show schedule before we got him, and he was very close to burn out. We have spent these last unusally warm Minnesota days going on lots of trail rides. We have enjoyed our trail rides very much, with the exception of Sunday. My Mom and I were finishing our ride by letting Werther and Stoli eat apples off the trees on out on the front of our property from the grass shoulder of the road. It is country dirt road, the speed limit is 40 mph. This kid speeded by going at least 60 mph and his tires kicked up a lot of rocks spooking our horses. Werther jumped to left, which is my weak side, and I landed in the road and got road rash on my shoulder and side. It is painful for me, but I don't blame him, it all happened very fast. I took the last two days off to recover, and my trainer Andre rode Werther.

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