Tuesday, September 30, 2008


No lesson today, Andre is really busy with my Mom out of town so I decided not to ask for a lesson and just work on flat work today. The barn was very quiet today, I rode by myself in the indoor, sticking to my plan of "no rest for wicked Werther". The plan worked out fairly well, I only let him have a short break in the middle of our trot work so I could catch my breath. I missed the canter transition with the first attempt on the left lead, I had the impulsion but I did not have him listening well enough or balanced enough to get the transition. I had a better game plan on the second direction and got the right lead, my more difficult lead, on the first attempt. I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon so I will not be going out the barn, either Andre or Tom will take Werther on a trail ride tomorrow. 

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