Thursday, July 2, 2009

Horse Show Recap

Busy week with family in town so I am playing catch up. I survived my first time riding training level, I ended up with two seconds on Saturday and a third and a fourth on Sunday. I didn't have any swaps which I was worried about, but I did have one break from canter to trot in two tests but I was able to correct it. I'm just going to write the scores and comments, you can look at the tests here.

Saturday Training Level Test I (Judge: Fatima Kranz)

1. 7, nice entrance
2. 7, center >
3. 6, > jump
4. 5, broke, corrected
5. 6, fell into trot
6. 6, early
7. 5, > energy
8. 7
9. 7, center (something illegible, better I think)
10. 5, labored
11. 6, > energy
12. 7, steady
13. 8, nice turn, nice halt

Collective marks
Gaits, 7
Impulsion, 6, lacks at times
Submission, 6, circled lightness on forehand wrote needs more bend
Rider, 7,

Judge drew a smiley face and wrote fairly steady

Total 63.478%

Saturday Training Level Test 2 (Judge: Fatima Kranz)

1. 8
2. 7, steady
3. 7, steady
4. 6, > forward
5. 6, could be bigger circle
6. 6, came off track
7. 7
8. 7 ( first time getting a 7 at freewalk definitely his max at the walk, I was really excited!)
9. 7
10. 7
11.7, steady
12. 7
13. 6, > forward
14. 6, small circle
15. 7, straight
16. 7

Collective Marks
Gaits 7
Impulsion 6 could be more at times
Submission 6 not always steady in ...?
Rider 6 circle sizes

Judge drew smiley face

Total 65.357%

Sunday Training Level Test I (Judge: Dolly Hannon, tough judge and painfully accurate)

1. 7, straight, try to keep hands quieter to trot
2. 7, good energy, fill out circle with his leg
3. 6, sit up and back for better balance
4. 6, rider needs balance in canter and less rein
5. 6, willing horse, needs better balance
6. 6, too strong in reins and walk loses rhythm
7. 5, walk looses rhythm and needs more strech
8. 7, fairly willing
9. 7, good energy, try to keep hands quieter
10. 6, feel your leads don't look
11. 6, tends to drift in on circle but fairly willing
12. 7, fairly smooth
13. 7, not quite straight but well maintained

Collective marks
Gaits, 6, walk varies
Impulsion, 6, underlined suppleness in back, wrote walk needs suppleness
Submission, 7
Rider, 6

"What a nice horse! Try to keep your hands steadier & sit up, look up + feel your canter leads - when you look down it effects his balance"

I'm not gonna lie, I beat myself up pretty hard when I got this test sheet back. This is all stuff I am working on, sometimes I feel like I have too nice a horse for my riding ability.

Total score 62.609%

Sunday Training Level Test 2 (Judge: Fatima Kranz)

1. 7, nice halt
2. 7, center more
3. 7, steady
4. 7
5. 6, not centered
6. 7, straight
7. 6, lost jump
8. 6, needs more
9. 6
10. 7
11.7, center more
12. 7
13. 5, more jump, broke (my left hand crept up and I lost my steering, wanted to avoid taking out the wall)
14. 6, not centered
15. 6, needs more jump, fell into trot
16. 8

Collective Marks
Gaits 7
Impulsion 6 needs to stay more foreword for higher scores
Submission 6
Rider 6

Judge drew smiley face
Total 63.929%

I was a little disappointed after this show, but it is a new show this week, and i've been working on impulsion, circle work and position, so hopefully I can up my game a little for some slightly higher scores.


Nina said...

Well Done!!! Don't beat yourelf up, it sounds like you are doing really well and improving all the time!!! Go Werther!

Kate said...

I wouldn't be upset at all - that's how we progress in our riding - it's great that you got such informative comments - now you have a list of things to focus on, most of which I'll bet you already knew. I particularly liked the set of comments by the "stricter" judge - they were very precise and useful!

Well done by you and Werther both!

moosefied said...


I haven't commented in a while, but I just wanted to say you and your horse look and sound great. Don't get discouraged. Your horse is not too nice for you. A horse as good as he is, will help you learn more than a lesser horse would. Very best regards!