Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Blog Award!

Thanks to Overanxious Horse Owner and few others who gave me this award:

I think this award is very appropriate for me. My main reason for blogging is that it keeps me honest. Outside of shows, I never get to watch any other dressage riders so it can be a challenge to keep my progress or set backs in perspective. By blogging, I force myself to reflect on every single ride. What was my plan? Did I achieve my goals? What is my strategy for the next ride? I'm really happy to have such a nice group of readers who give me encouragement and support.

5 things about me
1. I'm interning at a research library for a multi-national corporation and I'm studying for the GRE so I can get my masters in library sciences.
2. In addition to riding four days a week, I go to the gym three days a week. Yesterday, I did 100 pounds on the squat machine.
3. Next three movies in my Netflix queue: Reprise, The Year My Parents Went on Vacation and The Order of Myths
4. I was in a very old riding secret society in college.
5. My family travels a lot, the most interesting place I have been is Antarctica.

Passing it on to five blogs:
1. http://iamsrg.blogspot.com/ SRG is a new blogger, and also a para dressage rider.
2. http://www.rebeccalosesit.blogspot.com/ New weight loss blog of long time reader Rebecca.
3. http://sabumi.blogspot.com/ Heather is currently going through some challenges with her horse, but is handling it really well.
4. http://gallifreynewsbase.blogspot.com/ Because I am a big Dr. Who geek.
5. http://morewaystowastetime.blogspot.com/ Design blog, sometimes a little too modern for me, but has some really neat ideas.

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