Monday, May 11, 2009

Mini blog via email computer on deathbed

Last Tuesday- Good lesson worked on halts, free walk, trot streching
circles and canter transitions.

Thursday- really nice weather, hacked outside, a little difficult with
leg yield trot circle, worked on canter tranistions and free walk ran
through both intro level tests.

Friday- rain, rode inside with poles laid out for standard arena.
Werther decided in this slightly smaller space he need to be worlds
slowest horse but very round. Good lateral work a little trouble with
canter transition. Worked on free walk and tests again.

Saturday - cold and windy, took werther over to brightonwood for my
lesson so we could go somewhere before show. Werther was total rock
star, rode even better than home. Went though tests with reader at
show, worked on turning onto centerline and halt.

Today- werther had bad hive reaction to bugs today so Sarah did not
ride, got bath and some dex seemed to help.

Show stuff- Friday going to lamplight cdi show to get evaluated for
paradressage can't wait to watch and shop!

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Kate said...

Thanks for the update - sorry the computer is having trouble - sounds like the work is going well!