Friday, May 1, 2009

Big updates!

I finally got Werther's papers from his old owners! They included his German Hanoverian registration papers, his German passport and his Canadian passport. His registered name is Wenderfalk, which from my internet searching I'm guessing can loosely be translated to "Peregine Falcon". Werther is as I guessed, by the stallion Werther. He is out of a Westphalian mare named Ricca by the stallion Rigoletto. He was imported from Germany to Canada as a eight year old, as a jumper. Which pretty confirms Sarah's theory, that he was trained in Germany up to fourth level and found not to be flashy enough to be competitive at the FEI was sold across the pond as a low level jumper. Aside: Interesting fact on Canadian passport, Werther is 16.0 hands, shorter than I thought. He was in Canada for 3 years before being sold to the girl who owned him before me.  For his previous two owners he was a high children's jumper and equitation horse. Before I got Werther, he was being leased out as a children's hunter and equitation horse. It is really fun to have this history and background, I love being able to fill in the gaps, or at least to further educate my guesses. I've got Werther's papers all organized now, I am sending in my show entries for Mason City at the end of the month tomorrow. Werther was very good in our hacks on Thursday and Friday. Mom came home late last night, she came out the barn with my sister Maddy to watch me ride and we all went out to dinner afterwards. 

Mini Rant - To tell you the truth, as much as I love having my Mom back, it put it a little on edge. I got very used to my solitude over the winter, and having people watch me, made feel rushed and that I had to perform really well. We did perform well, though I had a touch of trouble with my left lead. I was having trouble keeping that bad left leg far enough forward. It didn't help that my sister, a ex-rider, kept saying stuff to the effect of "Oh, I could just hop on right now and do what Ellie's doing, no problem." I had the tack room organized, but Mom was critical, she didn't like how I had it set up. which also stressed me. She gets to spend large portions of her day at the farm, and has her own tack room, (Andre and I share the boarder tack room). She doesn't seem to understand that my time at the farm is very limited, and I need to make things as efficient as possible. Her way is very nice, but it is time I don't have. I would love to have every little thing squared away each time I left the barn, but I work a full 4o hour week, and I only get two hours, four days a week out at the barn, and because I don't drive (long story), I just simply don't have the time to everything every day. 

We now return regular programing - Other news on the horse show front, I am also working on getting my classification grade and USEF dispensation to compete in Para-Dressage classes. The closest classifier is in Michigan, I am going to try and get it done when Mom goes to show in Traverse City in July. 

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