Monday, May 4, 2009

Mini Update

Talked to Sarah as I was getting out of work today. She said Werther was pretty tense during most of their ride. I'm not too worried, he was just basically be obnoxious because all of the jumpers are back, and they were wild. Werther is not a huge fan of working when his friends are not working, but he should settle down in a couple of days. I'm getting pretty close to being set with my horse show stuff, I have Intro Level Test B memorized now. Now it is just the nitpicky stuff like:

Return shirts to smartpak and get ones that fit
Get a carry bag for my dressage saddle
Work on my USEF dispensation letter
Get Werther's breed papers into USDF
Get fitted for new tall boots and get new stirrups

Also, my Mom said she would get dressage arena rails for the indoor so we could set up a ring that is the actual regulation size. I'm really excited to have a "proper" ring to practice in!


20 meter circle of life said...

Hey I dont know what type of irons you are looking at but I highly recommend the Bow Balance. i have a complete fusion from mid calf to my toes on my right side and these irons made a world of difference!!!

Ellie said...

Right now I am riding in Herm Springer 4 way stirrups with an offset eye and screw in cheese grater stirrup pads. I'm working on filling out my dispensation for USEF and getting my evaluation done for para-dressage competition. In my dispensation, I am asking to be able to ride in these Ontyte Stirrups ( website has video may not be safe for work). The have magnet on the iron and a magnet on the boot, which I think will work well for someone like me with a weak leg due to disability. However, if you do fall off, the magnet is weak enough it will release.

SolitaireMare said...

Hi! Please stop by my blog and pick up your Kreativ Blogger award! :D