Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thursday and Friday

Playing catch up once again. My ride out to the farm cancelled on me on Tuesday so I did not have a ride to the barn, so Sarah rode Werther. She said it was nice to get two ride back to back on him. She worked on the canter a lot, transitions to the canter, getting his collected canter more foreword and making him use his hind end, and tempi changes. Thursday and Friday I rode Werther for a long time, I spent half the time on him working on his frame and getting to stay forward and spent the rest of time working on me, mainly sitting trot and canter transitions. I can get a few minutes of a good sitting trot, but i'm still trying to get consistent. Canter transitions are getting better, he is not really rooting too much now, but it takes me a few tries to get the canter, Werther would prefer to go into a really foreword almost extended trot. He is looking really good, I took some pictures: 

New dark coat coming in, old coat on legs from trace clip.

Werther, starting to look every inch of a respectable dressage horse.


Nina said...

He is looking awesome!!!! Very much like a little dressage pony!

Ellie said...

Thanks Nina! Werther is looking so good, now I just have to myself up to par..

moosefied said...

He's a good-looking guy. How tall is he, anyway?

It sounds as if you two are working really hard. I bet you're doing better than you think you are. But I guess one can never stop working at riding.

Ellie said...

I've never put a stick on him, but I would say he is around 16.1HH.

The hardest thing about riding at a barn by myself is that I can't really look at my own progress and see if it is in line with "the norm" if there is such a thing.