Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm back!

I am sans wisdom teeth now and back in action! Werther had almost a week off, Dr. Sarah was able to get his hocks injected on saturday. I got to the barn early yesterday and turned Werther out in the indoor before I got on. He galloped, bucked, and did some impressive stops. The weather was really nice so I was able to have my lesson outside. Werther started out a little stiff in his neck, and not wanting to move off his outside hind leg. As Sarah put it, Werther can't be trusted to do any stretching on his own! I was also a little rusty, I had to fight against my instinct to try and put pressure on the inside rein which Werther was leaning on when I should have been giving with the inside rein and taking a stronger feel with the outside rein. We did some 10m circles at trot, really focusing on getting Werther to stretch his neck and bend his body which helped, then we leg yielded out. After a break, we worked on our canter transitions, they were so much better. I actually got what Sarah has been telling me about sitting back for the transition, and it feeling like Werther is jumping out in front of me. If I can get that feeling consistent, I shouldn't have a problem with training level. 

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