Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last two days recap

Thursday was gorgeous out so I went on a trail ride with my Mom and Spike. He was a little bit up to begin with, we had one little spook where we turn around after the small hill, he also decided to canter up the small hill which took me by surprise because normally he is so lazy I can barely get him to finish trotting up it. Cantering up the hill was about the midway point in our ride and after that his energy level went down considerable and he behaved more like his regular self. The one thing I was really proud of is even when he was doing those things I did not anticipate, I was able to stay centered and balanced on him, The whole ride was a good exercise in steering for me, my Mom's horse Spike was leading, and he is a touch spooky, so he would not go in a straight line on the path, but was constantly zig zaging instead, so I had to steer Werther around him. We ended by walking up the bank jump and going into the outdoor ring where I worked on my canter. I started him out on the right lead and he was really good, the left lead he was reluctant to pick up and was pulling his head down very low. My Mom was watching and she thought he may need to get his hocks done, the way he was going indicated he wanted to get off of his hind end. He has not had has hocks done since we got him, and we are not sure if he ever has had them done. Andre rode him on Friday, to confirm what I was feeling and my Mom was seeing, he is going to get his hocks done on Tuesday.

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