Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Another nice fall day here in Minnesota. One minor incident, when we pulled into the farm this random woman had pulled over her car and was trying to entice Jingle Belle and Fiona to the fence, so now we most likely will have to move them.  Luckily she was not stupid enough to try and go in the paddock and the two ponies did not go over to her, but it was worrying none the less. My Mom and I went on a long walking trail ride with Werther and Stoli. We went across the road and went on some of the hunt paths over there which we don't usually do. Werther was really good, he and Stoli are both excellent trail horses and they enjoy each other's company so it made for a very pleasant ride. After we were done I brought Wesley in for my Mom to clean up before he goes into the clinic on Monday for his tumor biopsy. I washed Werther's back legs with Microtech, his scratches are getting much better. We had to move around some horses, because our young mare Violet was being a wench, so Werther and Wesley are two stalls down from where they were before, I think they like their new digs. 


SillyPony said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! I am originally from Minnesota, too! Small world! Love your blog!

Ellie said...

Your welcome, thanks for reading, I have been enjoying your blog as well. :D