Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mom's ride

I could not get out to the barn today so my Mom rode Werther. I guess it went well, because she was threatening to steal him when she has four jumpers of her own to ride. She said he was a little up trotting but very quiet at the canter. She also jumped him over a few fences, and she said he was excellent and felt like he still had a ton of jump left in him. We think that the people who had him before us were showing him too hard and got him ring sour. Now that he has had a couple months r and r with us, he has a much better attitude and could probably do bigger jumps if I needed him to. One of my main frustrations with the hunter/jumper world is that there are so many big name trainers out there who view horses as disposable, they show them into the ground. Because of my disability, I can only show at 2'6, so I usually end up with those trainers cast offs, which is good for me, but not good for the industry as a whole. 

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