Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Catching Up

I am still a day behind in my posts, but I will try to catch up today. Yesterday was freezing, Werther was turned out in super heavy Rambo Wug blanket. Werther was still difficult to catch and my hands were numb by the time I got him in the barn. He was better in the cross ties, but still a little fidgety. Werther was really good when I got on him, he was much more relaxed than yesterday. He was still a little more fresh than usual, so I spent some extra time trotting him. We were alone in the ring most of the time, and he started out a little bit of a drama queen, whinnying like a horse in a hollywood movie. I was a little nervous about cantering him, so I was pretty conservative about the asking so it took a few attempts to get him to canter. I also started out on the right lead, which means I have to ask with my weaker leg. I switched to the left lead and he was really good, he was moving really well after he got his hocks done. 

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