Friday, January 2, 2009


No riding today, the AV guys had the truck and trailer in the indoor because they were hooking up the new camera system in the new trailer for the drive to Arizona where Mom and Andre will layover for awhile before going to thermal. Since I did not know this was happening and I was already at the barn I brought Werther inside and gave him bath. Giving a bath to a horse in Minnesota in January seems a little counter intuitive, but our barn is heated to 50 degrees, I had the heat lamps on and the hot water running, so Werther was quite comfortable and I was practically sweating. Werther looked much better after getting his bath, it was nice to see his socks white again. I put a scrim and cooler on Werther and left him in the wash stall under the heat lamps to dry, he was so pissed he was inside, he would not stop pawing and had his head flung up in the air. When he was about 90% I stuck him in his stall with hay net and his attitude improved by leaps and bounds. 

PS. We got Werther's blood work back and his iron levels are now within normal range but his magnesium is still low. Has anybody else had a horse with this problem? Werther gets really good alfalfa hay and we have him on a magnesium supplement. 


FD said...

Have you had a feed specialist check his diet for potassium and sodium levels? High potassium inhibits magnesium uptake and sodium improves it.

Uh, drive by comment when I clicked through from fugly btw, in case you were wondering who the hell I am!

Ellie said...

Thanks for the comment I will look into it!

LOL, glad you clicked on the link, I like to post a link to my blog in my comments with the hopes of attracting new readers from fugly's large fan base. I blog mainly for myself, but it is always nice to get a fresh perspective!