Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Pads!

I got a picture of Werther's new snow pads, he was too fidgety for me to get his newly naked hind feet. The shoe has a borium coating and borium studs. I had my lesson with Sarah this morning, we did not try out the Dressage whip, maybe on Tuesday, I am curious to try it. We did walk trot warm up focusing on getting Werther moving forward and on the bit. We moved on to canter transitions, which were pretty good, he did not root today, but he was a little slow to pick up the canter. We did trot canter transitions and worked on maintianing the impulsion I got from the downward transition from the canter to the the trot. Next we worked on the shoulder-in at the walk and canter. I have not done a shoulder-in in a long time but Werther was really good. The biggest struggle was maintaining his impulsion after going straight after the shoulder-in. Sarah told me to imagine getting Werther to use his energy to bounce up instead of taking a longer stride. We took a break a did a few more trot cater transitions and I got my best trot out of him yet. I was able to let my reins go really long and Werther still stayed on the bit in a beautiful frame and he was really round in his back. Sarah also taught me how to do shoulders-fore which will help me when he locks his jaw on the long side at the trot. We gave him a really long break and did a few more sholder-in at the trot. Sarah wanted to see how he would behave after a long break, he did need quite a bit of encouragement to wake up but he was very good. This lesson went much better than Tuesday, I hope we continue with this kind of progress.

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