Sunday, January 4, 2009

Comings and Goings

Stopped by the barn today to say hi to the horses and for Mom to drop off stuff to go in the trailer for Thermal. I said goodbye to Jingle Belle, my Welsh Pony broodmare pictured here:
Due to the current economic situation, my Mom has decided to stop breeding in addition to letting the boarders go last spring and privatizing the barn. Jingle Belle is going to Grand Central Ponies, which is run by my stepdad's cousin Robin Greenwood. Her farm is the Ritz Carlton of pony barns and was even featured in an article in the Chronicle of the Horse recently, so I know Jingle Belle will have a good home. My Mom's Holstiner broodmare Callie is going back to her previous home at Crooked Willow Farms in Colorado. Callie is pictured here:
We also have a new horse coming, my Mom got a new two year old Holstiner colt in on trade for Callie from Crooked Willow. My Mom didn't like his barn name that he had, I think his new name is going to be Orvis but it is yet to be decided. He is pictured as a baby here:


SassyBrunette said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog. I knew your horse, Werther, when he was at High Prairie Farms in Colorado. I saw the picture and I knew it was him! Glad he has a happy new home. = )

Ellie said...

Very cool! I know Michael and Gina Dennehy out there (Gina got her horse Scooby from my Mom) but most of the Colorado people I know are at Savoy Stables. If you have any good Werther anecdotes, please share! By the way, if you know the girl the used to own him, I'd love to get in touch, I never met her.