Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday and Tuesday Update

Sarah said her ride on Monday was good. I talked to her while I was at work and she said they worked on a lot of transitions to work on building Werther's muscle. She said that in the collection he wants to shorten his neck to cheat his way out of using his hind end, so she worked on lengthening his neck in the collection and making him use his hind end. (that makes sense right? I wrote down a few notes from our conversation). Werther tested Sarah a little, she was working on haunches in with him at trot and he slowed his pace down, Sarah initially let him because she thought he was doing it because he did not have the muscle, but she tried to haunches in again after she cantered and was able to do the exercise with much more impulsion. Our Lesson on Tuesday went really well, we started out with a loose rein walk and trot and gradually increased the impulsion and feel at the trot. Then we did some leg yields on a circle and worked on making him bend, but not too much, he has a tendency to want to over bend. We asked for the canter and he was good about his leads and I worked on my position. Next we worked on the sitting trot and we did some shoulder ins working on making Werther have a straight neck but still maintaining the angle. My sitting trot in getting better, I still need to put my shoulders further back. At about this point in the lesson, Werther decided he was bored and started fake spooking at the door to the ring. I'm really glad I didn't let it rattle me. We spent some more time at the sitting trot and I worked on maintaining my contact (Sarah: "You will hold that outside rein come hell or highwater!") . I got all the way around the ring with a really nice, forward, connected trot, I was very proud of my self. We let Werther walk and have a long break, when we went back to work he was pissed, he thought he was done. So Werther and I worked at the trot with shoulders fore, and shoulder in on the circle until he accepted the bit again and was going around in a nice frame and we quit with that.

I don't know about you Silly Pony, but I'm having difficulty with my saddle shopping. Sarah and I decided the one I've been trying isn't going to work for the long term, it is too wide and does not sit well on his withers. It works with padding, but I would rather have something that fits well enough I don't have to worry about it. So now I am looking for a 17 1/2 or 17 inch used dressage saddle with a medium wide tree. I'm hoping to keep it to about a grand. I'm going to call the local tack shop that is on the way out to my barn tomorrow and see what they have. If they don't have anything, I am going to get this shop in White Bear Lake to ship me one to try.


SillyPony said...

I AM having tack troubles, too. I don't need anything new before late April, though, so I have some time to shop around. What I really hate is that the local English store Equusnow doesn't carry much tack in my price range. Rods is okay, but SUCH a limited selection. I visited Keith's Saddle Shop, just east of Columbus last fall and I don't recall seeing much there that interested me. It's so easy to find stuff online but having things shipped just to find out they are crap/ill fitting/crap/etc AND pay to ship them back just seems like more trouble (and expense) than it's worth.

I do know that neither of us should rush the process. Just like finding a horse that fits all (or almost all) of your needs, a saddle has a pretty big job to fill, too. It's really nice that Sarah has access to some different ones. I'd just keep trying and trying until you fall in love. I'm sure it'll happen for you!

SassyBrunette said...

Good thing you got to try the saddle for a while! Plus,I think 1000 is a titch much for a used equation. They're nice saddles but 800-900 is more like it. Shipping saddles does take a while (and it's a total bummer if they send you one that doesn't fit), but that's how I found mine! Good luck.