Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monday and Tuesday Update

Recap of Sarah's ride on Monday:

"Today, I did I fair bit of canter work and some hind end strengthening exercises. Such as transitions from medium canter to collected canter, some canter pirouettes and a little bit of canter half pass, as well as some zig zags in the canter half pass. I also did a fair bit of trot work, transitions from the collected to the medium trot to a little bit of piaffe and little bit of passage. Then I worked on the canter transitions some more and I did some stretching with him. He was really pretty good, except the cats were playing in the pile of jumps in the indoor and they knocked over some poles and he took of galloping and bucked a couple of times but I got him back, but I think it is good you lock the cats up when you ride."

Ellie in: I think it so cool that Werther can do all of this advanced Dressage work, and I am really excited to do more with him! 

Tuesday lesson: We continued  a lot of the work we started on Tuesday, more shoulder in work at the trot and we also worked at going back and forth between an extended and regular trot. We added in some serpentines to help get Werther moving. We worked on the canter transition, the hardest part for me is remembering to ask with my inside leg. I also need to work on my hands, something Sarah said that was very helpful to me was that "the outside hand creates the frame, while the inside hand creates the bend". We stopped at let Werther walk and rest for awhile about three quarters in to the lesson. We went back to working on Canter transitions, and Werther really tried to test me again, balling up and do a little crow hopping but not a true buck. He gets mad when he thinks he is done and has too see if he can intimidate me into not making him work anymore, so taking that extended break and going back to work is a good mental exercise for him and something I want to incorporate into my hacks. After he was good with canter transition we finished by rewarding him with an trot on a loose rein while still maintaining the frame, Werther's favorite part of the lesson. 


Anonymous said...

Very cool that he can do all that stuff. And he's a beautiful boy!

Would it be possible for you to turn him out in the indoor with the cats? It would probably be good for him to get used to them in case one of them sneaks up on you! (They're good at that :) )

Ellie said...

The cats are too smart, they don't do too much when the horses are already in the indoor, and they are very people oriented for barn cats and stick close to me when I am on the ground and only play hard when you are on the horse and their isn't anybody on the ground to pay attention to them. Werther actually quite likes the cats when they are near his stall or hanging out when I am grooming him. He just uses them as an excuse to be stupid when I am riding. Luckily because they are so personable it is easy for me to get them in an enclosed area when I ride.