Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I had my lesson today. Sarah rode Werther yesterday with the rein-aids still on my bridle. Sarag thought Werther went well in it, but it worked a little too well for her, she could not get the check she needed for the lead change and the passage. Werther was very good for me today, we worked mainly at the trot on the frame and leg yield. I have to relax my upper arms so I don't brace my hand against the motion at the trot. I need to have a low and steady contact with the outside rein and a soft, low and opening inside rein. I was much better in my leg yields today, I was able to use them properly as a tool to push Werther into the outside rein and make him frame up. I'm still struggling a little with the canter transition, I am getting the hang of using my inside leg to ask for the canter instead of the outside rein. If I don't keep Werther's stride collected and forward before I ask for the canter he uses his advantage to root or get in a buck if I get after him.  My homework for this week when I hack is to make sure I do not use the inside rein to balance, which is a bad habit I have from trying to accommodate my poor balance because of my CP. 

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