Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank Goodness for Indoors

I got off of work early because we are having a pretty major snow storm, 5-8 inches. My friend Carrie and I braved the roads in her SUV and we both went to our perspective barns to ride. Carrie used to be a boarder at our barn, but after Mom privatized she moved to barn about 10 minutes away. I rode in the new saddle again today, I put on these 53 inch Prestige leathers I bought and my Herm Sprenger stirrups with the off set eye from my jumping saddle.  I guessed the stirrup length which is never good,  I went up two holes after I started trotting and the still felt too long. Werther was very easy to get on the bit today and did really well in his lateral work, I think he is liking the new saddle. Sarah still has to approve it, I may cry if she says it doesn't work. I struggled a little bit with the canter transition, I think it was mainly because the stirrup length was off it made me more prone to try and balance with my hands which pisses Werther off. Carrie came in just as I started cantering on the left lead and Werther lost his focus, but I was able to get him back and we had a really nice canter in a really good frame. I don't think I will be able to make it out to the barn tomorrow because I can't find a ride out there, I wish I could get one more ride in before my lesson but I will just have to hope for the best on Saturday. 

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