Saturday, February 14, 2009


I had my lesson with Sarah this morning. Werther was really good, he was very easy to get on the bit today. We spent the whole lesson trotting and working on the frame with a little bit of lateral work. The two really important tips I learned today is to have the same amount to bend in a corner that you would in a 10 m circle. The other key piece we worked on is getting the bend I want and then immediately softening my hand so Werther has to carry himself and maintain the bend. The way Sarah put it is that once you get the trot, you don't ask for the trot every single step. This especially helped in the shoulder in, me placing the shoulders were I want them and the letting Werther maintain the shoulder in. After our walking break he did protest about getting back on the bit and going back to work, but that was improved too, in the time that it took him to give up and the intensity of the protest was less. There is a clinic for low level riders at Brightonwood with a local dressage judge tomorrow, I want to go watch if I can get a ride. 

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