Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday and Friday

I decided I need to add some more pictures to this blog so I took this one while I was cooling Werther out today.  I think it looks kinda cool, it would look better if I had something nicer than a cell phone camera. Werther was a little bit difficult on Thursday, he actually "ran away" at a very controlled canter. I was working on the canter transition and he was anticipating and started cantering in the corner after I changed direction. I could not get him back because I had the rein aids in and it was too spongy when I tried to pull back. I just ended up dropping my reins and circling and he got the idea. Today he was pretty good. He only rooted once at the canter, and I was able to get him in about 75% of frame I wanted. I had some really nice moments now I just need to maintain it. I can keep a nice frame throughout a whole lesson now once I get him connected, I just need to be able to do it by myself. I got some awesome leg yields today though which made me really happy because it felt like I was at least making some progress.

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