Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday and Friday

Things did not improve after my lesson on Tuesday. I went to the gym on Wednesday, I am working on incorporating some forearm strengthening exercises into my weight training to hopefully help me quiet my hands while still maintaining the level of contact I need to. On Thursday Werther was a total brat, he was heavy on the forehand and would not use his hind end. He rooted in the canter transition, and kept swinging his haunches out in the shoulder in. I spent a long time at the trot trying to get him on the bit and round but he really wasn't having it. Eventually some 10m circles did the trick, but he kept on pretend spooking out of boredom and I would loose the connection. Today before I rode I chased him in the indoor and made sure he was tired out, I'm not really amused with his shanagans. He rooted the first two times I tried the canter transition but then we got some really nice ones. I also got some decent shoulder ins out of him today, but I had trouble getting a really good connection with him. He kept chewing the bit and had a slight roundness about him but not enough to call it a true frame. Eventually I got tired and decided it was better to quit for the day. We will see how my lesson goes tomorrow. 

Aside: Do you twitter? I am playing around with it. My user name is ellieandwerther, let me know if you are on twitter or you know of any good horse feeds.

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