Monday, December 15, 2008


It was -6 when I got the barn this morning. You would think Werther would be grateful to come into the barn which we keep heated to about 50, but he still was upset that he was the only horse in the barn. I got Werther a flake of hay which placated him while I got him undressed and his boots on to run around the indoor. Werther didn't gallop too hard today, and he was very quiet when I rode him for having three days off. It was so cold today that it actually sucked the energy out of all the horses, instead of making them fresh. I was really happy with his canter transitions, he picked up both leads on the first attempt. I took advantage of this weeks course not being set up yet and did some serpentines at the sitting at posting trot. Werther was much better about not getting worried and anticipating, but I did find he wanted to cut in on that last stride before the turn, so I really had to work on holding him with my leg and not fiddling with my hands. Put a call into one potential dressage trainer for this winter, I'm waiting to hear back from her.

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