Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuesday's Ride

Now that all the grass is frozen Werther is more than willing to barter a horse cookie for coming inside. I'm grateful, I like to spend as little time as possible outdoors in Minnesota winters. All of the energy Werther spent on Monday finally caught up with him and he was super quiet. I'm really happy to have such a smart horse, while I was trying to hack Werther my trainer Andre was on Vinny and he flinging himself around like an idiot practically doing airs above ground because he did not like the light streaming in from the indoor windows. Werther and I just sat at the other end of the ring and watched Vinny until Andre got him back into a more civilized state. Vinny's drama may have upset other horses but Werther could care less. Werther was super slow at the trot, I had to cheat a little and use the stick just to get him to wake up enough to move into the trot. I was able to get him to canter, but he was still really lazy so we did not do too much and I did not want to give Vinny an excuse to have another tantrum. I did not go out the barn yesterday, Wesley had to go to Anoka for his next tumor vaccine injection. Malibu had his surgery yesterday, Dr. Bob said it went very well. 

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