Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You want to go outside?

It was so cold this morning that the horses were not turned out until 10AM and brought in at 1PM. I was just getting on Werther as they were starting to turn out and he was less than pleased that he was still inside. He was not too bad, he just would not stand for me to mount him and had his head up in the air like a giraffe half the time we were trotting before he settled. Decent canter transitions, I got it on the second try with my weaker left leg and the first try with the left lead. I finished out our ride with some really big figure eight circles. I did one at the posting trot, then one sitting, then one at the canter. he started to anticipate a little at the sitting trot circles, he just started to root in the circle. I did get some very nice simple changes from him with the canter circles though. I heard back from the dressage trainer, I am meeting with her on Thursday. I hope it works out!

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