Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I got to barn just as they turned Werther out today. This was bad luck on my part because Werther was really mad he had to come in and even though he had hay in his stall, he was spinning and rearing to look for his friends. I took Werther into the indoor and chased him, he ran pretty hard and was a little less neurotic as a result when I groomed him and tacked him up. I had to have help to get Werther to stand when I mounted because he was still distracted, he was a little tense when I started riding him but he settled down when we started trotting. Just as I started to canter, Andre came in with Tryst and he got distracted and tense again. I went back to the trot again for a little bit and then finished out my canter which was okay. Werther was pretty good about picking up his leads today, and he was lighter on the forehand as we cantering and did not root as much when we started.  I didn't see a dramatic change with the new bit, but I think it is an improvement over the old one.

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