Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hair Cut

Werther was getting too hairy so the guys clipped him last night. The poor guy looks kinda dorky, we left his legs and neck hairy so the parts of him not covered up by his blankets would not get too cold when he goes outside.

I turned Werther out in the indoor first to see if this new state of undress would inspire any freshness, which it did not. Dr. Sarah was at the barn this morning doing hock injections for the horses going to Thermal and she drew blood to check Werther's iron and magnesium, which were low when we did the blood-work on the pre-purchase exam. He has been on red cell and a magnesium supplement, so hopefully that will have improved. After all that I did not have much time to ride and we just had a very quick hack. Werther was good picking up the canter initially, and I did a flying lead change each direction which is easy for him, but good for me to practice.


SolitaireMare said...

I give you credit for having him clipped. I have not been motivated to do it and my horse is a hairball. I've seen some creative clip-jobs, heck, I've given some creative clip-jobs,(LOL) but your's looks very serviceable. I usually use a field hunter clip or a trace clip of some kind.

Glad your quick hack was a good one!

Ellie said...

Thanks! The trace clip is a nice balance between the heated barn and indoor and the sub zero temperatures that we have to turn out in here in Minnesota.