Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy Saint Patrick's day everybody! I took a pass on getting drunk on green beer and went out to the barn and had a lesson. Werther was pretty tough today. I think he played really hard outside with this nice weather we have been having, he was a little stiff and a bit lazier than usual. We started going to the left which did not help, because that was my weaker side, so it took a long time to get him on the bit. He was much better to the right, which is my stronger side. Sarah thinks it will set a better tone for my rides if I always start him to the right because then he will have to listen and get working right away. I'm having some issues keeping my left stirrup, ( this is my leg affected by the CP) I think I am still not used to dressage lengths and my new equitation position. I tried shortening my left stirrup a hole, but it made my right hip very sore. I think I am going to raid my Mom's tack room and see if she has an extra pair "cheese grater" stirrup pads, that might give me just enough traction to have my foot stay in place. I mainly lose it when I have to push into Werther's side to move him on to the outside rein, or ask for the canter. We cantered in a circle until I was practically dizzy today, the two main goals were to have me sit deeper in the saddle and move my elbows more. Werther was actually a little sweaty after today's ride, and I was a little tired myself. Even though it wasn't the best ride, it was nice to feel that we had both worked hard.

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