Saturday, March 21, 2009


I did fairly well in my lesson today. We did a lot of work on getting him more sensitive to my leg, if I am ever lucky enough to compete in a championship class whips are not allowed. Still dealing with the stirrup issue, no right hip issues today, but my left knee got really sore. The hole punch is a must for my lesson on tuesday. We also worked on getting me to sit deeper and be looser in my hips at the sitting trot and canter, it was not great, but I think I am improving. Sarah recommended I buy a grab strap to help me get the feel of sitting deeper. The most important thing I did to work on is when I am tracking left, Werther wants to lean on my inside left rein so he can trick me into putting pressure on that rein so he has an excuse to put his head up. What I need to do is give frequently with the inside rein so it is not there for him to put weight on.

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