Sunday, March 15, 2009

Planning for the Summer Show Season

I'm planning on showing with Sarah this summer, I thought I would write a little to do list for myself to see at that I need to get prepared to start showing in May.

  1. Put up Dressage letters in indoor. (ring size: 90 x 200).
  2. Get USDF levels DVD so I can watch tests repeatedly. (also practice intro level tests at home, and print out some ring diagrams so I can practice writing the tests out.) 
  3. Get my USEF membership renewed and Werther's transfered over to me.
  4. Get USDF membership for both Werther and myself.
  5. Buy Dressage show clothes.
  6. Switch Werther's bit over to the dressage snaffle, get a couple more plain white pads for showing. 
Any advice for a Dressage newbie? The showing is going to be different for me, more local than my hunter stuff because there is no ratings so to speak for classes. Also, Brightenwood doesn't bring grooms to shows. The plus side is it will be a heck of a lot cheaper than doing the hunter stuff, but it seems a little intimidating starting a new discipline. I'm also bumming that we don't get to have a trainer ring side to give you hints as you go by, but glad that we get to have a reader. I also like the fact that you get a ride time instead of having to wait around all day.


SillyPony said...

I've never been to a Jumper show like the ones you go to. When I lived in MN we just did the weekend WSCA type shows. I have been to one dressage show at the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls, SD. The atmosphere was really laid back and everyone was friendly. It was probably smaller than the Dressage shows around the Twin Cities, but it was really family style. I was fascinated by the strict rules about keeping the number on the horse at all times, but maybe that's normal for hunter/jumper?

I am very nervous about getting back into showing this summer, too. I have NO idea what shows are like here or what the caliber is. I'm going to try to just watch a few shows first and that should help me feel more comfortable with the atmosphere.

Ellie said...

The shows I will be going to will be very local for me, in Minnesota, and just over the boarders into Iowa and Wisconsin. I'm going to be showing with the barn my Trainer Sarah primarily works out of, the majority of the clientele are women in their fifties. We actually don't have a rule about having a number on the horse unless you are in the ring showing. It's just a whole new set of people, different protocols for schooling, and little bit different show format. I'm just go to throw myself into it, Werther's an old campaigner so I don't have to worry above him, I just don't want to look like an idiot or a "dressage queen / hunter princess".

20 meter circle of life said...

The number on the horse at all times is a usef usdf rule. If you are doing only league shows then the rules will be lest say intro level so I am guessing you are doing league as intro is not recognized usef or usdf.go watch a bit of leagues show and see what the the level of dress is you may not have to wear full dress unless you want to. The book dressage a to x is a wonderful tool. Good luck

Ellie said...

The shows are all nationally recognized by usef/usdf but include the intro level divisions. depending on how things go, I think i'm just going to do intro at a few shows then move up to training. I'm working on first/second levels movements in my lessons, so I think that would be pretty appropriate. I'm going to keep my helmet, black gloves, and field boots. I plan on getting some white full seat breeches, stealing a white hunter show shirt from my Mom, getting a stock tie and pin (see if Mom has one from her fox hunting days) and getting a dressage jacket but I may talk with my trainer Sarah and see if I can get away with a conservative hunt coat for a little while.