Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mobile Post Attempt = FAIL repost

What I wrote this morning:

Testing mobile blog feature, slow day at work today. I had a difficult lesson on Tuesday. Werther was a little fresh and we were working on the same excersize we did last week of halting and then getting him to soften his jaw and drop his head down and walk off in a frame. It is really hard to figure out just how much hand to use without it being too much or too little. The other thing we worked on is the upward transition which we worked on in two parts. The first part was trying to make werther more sensative to my leg, he got one squeeze and after that one or more taps with the whip until he moved forward. The second part was my position, making sure I engage my core mucsles and don't pump with my body to get him to go forward. Sarah said that any pumping puts pressure on their back and makes them go hallow instead of round which makes sense. Sarah says I'm pretty much on track for someone with two months of dressage lessons, it is just really frusterating right now, I feel like I am so close to getting everything to click into place but I have this anxiety in the back of my head that my disability will stop me from being able to do it. Since we didn't do much in our lesson I went to canter when we were done and was good on the right when Sarah was there but a total snot to the left he kept moving out from under my leg when I asked for the transition and bucking. I got him settled in the end, but I am definetly chasing him before I ride tonight!


Heather said...

The leg sensitivity issue is something I work on too! I give a horse three chances to respond to anything I ask of them, first I ask very gently with my 'ideal' cue, then I tell him a litter harder and maybe add a cluck with my voice, then I demand of him that he obey and add the whip if needed. The point for me, is that he will start to learn that he does NOT want me to get to the third cue, and eventually he will respond earlier and be more sensitive!
I think that is a great lesson for you to be working on!

moosefied said...

Hi, I have read your blog a lot but never commented. Just wanted to say that I can empathize with the feeling that progress is going too slowly. However, you are way beyond me in riding ability and dressage knowledge. I don't have a disability. Your blog is very informative, but sometiimes it's over my head. So don't get too discouraged. I am trying to raise a foal correctly, and the learning curve is scary and I mess up constantly. But there is light at the end of the learning tunnel!