Monday, October 13, 2008

The Emperor's Old Clothes

It is finally cold enough that we dug out a old blanket for Werther to wear:

Werther has no idea what he is in for when winter hits here in Minnesota. It was cold and raining today so Werther came inside just soaking. Werther actually ran up to the gate with this "Oh, thank god you are here" look on his face. Considering Werther is normally a little difficult to catch, I was very grateful for this change in attitude even if the weather was crummy. In spite of putting a scrim on Werther when I got him inside and toweling him off in the grooming stall he was still wet when we went to work in the indoor. Werther did not stand very well to mount today, it took me two attempts to get on, and still wanted to walk off right away. After I got on Werther my Mom came in with her horse Spike. Spike distracted Werther a little bit, Werther is a very social horse, and while he was not bad, he had to watch and see what Spike was doing. Werther was good at the trot, we worked on the canter transitions like I practiced in my lesson on Friday, I started on the right lead and got it on the second attempt, then got it on my first attempt on the left lead. I should have a lesson on Tuesday or Wednesday, I feel that while my flat work still is not perfect, that it is good enough I can finally start to build myself up to jumping again.

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