Monday, October 20, 2008


My older sister Katie and my niece Lily are coming in to town today so I had to go to the barn early this morning. That means I had to go catch Werther only a few hours after he had been turned out. T.J. was happy to see me, but Werther was not. Werther trotted a couple of circles around me before giving up and letting me catch him. Even though Werther could not see any horses from his stall he was very good, not frenzied as he was on Friday. I took Werther for a hack in the outdoor ring with my Mom riding Tryst. Werther was very good at the walk and trot, not at all distracted by the baby like he usually is. I really think I made a breakthrough with the canter transition. When I first asked him to pick up to right lead, he kept doing a hop step like he was going to break into the canter but then going back down to the trot, so I kept hands forward and used my stick until he broke into a canter about a quarter of the way down the long side from the originally corner I had asked him in. It was a very good forward canter, I even practiced doing trot canter transitions on the straight line going both directions. I feel like today was the first time he was actually listening to me instead of just agreeing to along with me. I wish Andre had been out there to see but she came out on Vinny just as I was walking out Werther. One more horsey thing tonight is the annual Minnesota Hunter Jumper Association Meeting. Mom, Tom, and Andre and I are all going, Diane Carney is going to give a talk on high performance hunter classes. 


Drsgjunky said...

Hi Ellie..

Trot/canter transitions are a great way to sort of wake them up and become more sensitive to what your asking. I do it on my OTTB when I'm asking him to become lighter and more responsive. He is a bit of a laid back TB, much like a WB. He is push button at canter transitions. Inside leg at the girth, outside leg back, and bingo.

Good to see your still enjoying him. He's such a handsome boy. Your taking great care of him.

Just thought I'd drop (from FHOTD) in and catch up on some of your posts.

Take care

Ellie said...

He has been getting better every day. The initial canter transition now is the most difficult, then after that he knows what I want and is very responsive. Thanks for reading, the blog is mainly for me, but it is nice to know that other people are enjoying it. :D