Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thursday's Hack

My hack on Thursday went OK. Werther was good, I was really unfocused. It was just one of those days when your mind is on everything but the task at hand. I rode outside by myself, which was fine except Jingle Belle and Fiona were still turned out.  Werther is fascinated by the baby Fiona. The first time we go by Werther bulges out to look at Fiona, and every time after that he slows down on the long side next to that paddock so he can watch her. I decided to work on my turns by using the quarter line instead of the rail and that seemed to be a good exercise. The canter was a little bit of a mixed bag, I started out with the more difficult right lead first and it took a few tries to get Werther to pick it up, but then he got the canter on the first time every time I asked for the canter. I decided to do some simple changes across the diagonal to practice my transitions, and Werther thought it would be better to do flying lead changes. Even though it was not what I wanted, I also did not want to discourage Werther from doing auto lead changes so I went on the rail and did a few more canter transitions which went well. 

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