Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trail Ride

They were adding more footing in the indoor today so my Mom and I went on a trail ride with Werther and Spike. Between the weather and deer hunting season coming up we have very few chances left to go out on the trails. The ground was still soft from all the rain was have been having so we did not do much beyond let them walk and eat grass along the way, we did a little trotting behind the paddocks were the ground was drier. When we were walking them in there was a lot of noise from the guys using the manure spreader to add the footing in and it made Werther a little nervous and he did a collect trot in the drive way to get away from the noise but he seemed to settle when I got off him. However, he spooked again when I lead him thorough the door into the barn and I lost the reins and he started trotting down the aisle. We stopped him quickly and then he was fine, I am just glad he did not slip on the concrete aisle. Things are progressing in the hunt for a Dressage trainer. My aunt Karen moved from Minnesota to Idaho a couple of years ago and rides with Bob McDonald, the husband of the Olympic rider, Debbie McDonald. My aunt Karen mainly does jumpers now but she used to do Dressage when she lived in Minnesota, so my Mom called her to ask her about Dressage trainers in the area. Karen asked Debbie, and Debbie is making some phone calls. How nice is that? If it is somebody that Debbie recommends, I know I can't go wrong. The rollkur stuff I hear about with Dressage scares me a little, and I want to make sure I am with a trainer that will teach me who do thing the right way. 

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