Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pictures from yesterday

Andre on Tryst, a jumper of my Mom's he is an Irish Thoroughbred x Dutch Warmblood.

Becky on Victoria with her dog Buster, young Farnley Welsh pony we have for sale. She has been shown in Children's Pony Hunter's and is ready to move up to the small greens.

My Mom with our Basset Hound Chloe.

Twinkie ready for his photo shoot.
One of our other dogs Divot, a Lab x Swiss Mountain Dog.


pchoofinit said...

Hi Ellie, I read your post from FHOTD blog. I too had a horse (still have him, he is 28!) that had chronic Lyme Disease. 4 months of anitbiotics and bute, he was not getting any better. So mean, that vet's wouldn't get within 30 ft of him! I called in a Homeopathic Veterinarian.
He gave me 2 remedies, we dosed him that afternoon, that night and when I went to the barn the next morning, he was so relaxed, calm and content. I have since, researched and treat all my horses, myself and my family with homeopathy.
Hopefully it could help your mom's horse. Good luck

Ellie said...

He is seeing and holistic vet as well as a traditional vet. He does acupuncture with B12 shots, I am not sure what supplements he is giving him (as I said he is my mom's). The vet is coming out to look at him again next week, he is looking a lot better but he is pretty sore moving high off his left hind and we want to make sure it is not something new. We also think he may need his sacrum and his hocks injected again. I hope they can get him feeling better.