Friday, October 3, 2008


The weather was a little bit better today, low 50's but sunny and no wind. I rode outside, Werther was very good about mounting, though it took me a little while to get the mounting block positioned, because its storage space is filled with our extra jump cups, which means it is quite heavy, but also it does not tip over. Werther was very, very, quiet today, he seems to defy that natural law that when the weather gets cooler, horses get wild. Canter transitions took a little more time today, it could have been the change from inside to outside, or he could need another trainer tune up. I will ride him on Monday and see how he feels after having a few days off. I talked to Andre about my ride yesterday, and she made very good point to try not to let him pick up the canter from the walk, because he will get high and hollow rather than moving forward, and I will achieve greater consistency if I ask from the trot

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