Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trail Ride

The forecast is predicting snow tomorrow, so my Mom and I went out on a trail ride while it was still in the high fifties. Werther was really good, but it was really windy and it made Stoli a little spooky, so I got nervous. I just could not shake the mental what ifs today. After doing a little walk trot work on the trail I did some canter work in the outdoor ring. He is getting much better at the canter transitions the issue I am having now is that in that first canter stride he tends the pull his head down really low and pull the reins out of my hands, after which he picks up his head and carries himself nomally. I'll have to ask Andre what she thinks I can do to fix it next week, though I have a feeling I know the answer, move my elbows forward and more leg. 

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