Monday, October 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I picked up all of Werther's new tags and nameplate from the local tack shop today, so I guess you can say now he is all officially moved in.
It was extremely nice out today so we went for a hack in the outdoor ring. I did not have a lesson per say, but I did have Andre watch me with my canter transitions, to check in on how I am doing. She thinks I am doing everything correctly, and that we should be heading in the right direction. However, after she left and I went to pick up the right lead again, he would not do it. I guess he thought he was done. So I ended up changing direction and getting the left lead, then doing a flying change to get the right lead. While Werther was pretty good today, I am still thinking he may need a tune up later this week. On the way home my dog Chloe decided she needed to make herself at home as well, and ended up burrowing under the towels, which were intended to keep dog hair off the seats.


SillyPony said...

Your horse is super cute! Congrats! Best of luck with your new guy!

bex said...

What a gorgeous guy! He reminds me a little of my mare :)

And yay Bassets!